A Slobbering Love Affair


Chris Mathews, an American news anchor, once said that “Listening to Obama speak gave him a thrill right up his leg.”

Andrea Michell another American newscaster said that: “…he’s been more than our President. Time and again, he’s been our national poet.” and, of course, who could forget Gwyneth Paltrow gushing over Barack Obama and saying: “You’re so handsome, I can’t speak properly.”

If you have not reached for the sick bucket, or a pistol to shoot yourself with, then make sure you have a large bucket at hand and stock pile of stomach powders as, for the next four months , you are just about to be drowned in the thickest, fattest cream of gushing bullshit that you could possibly imagine.

Every single fart star, sorry pop star, will be dedicating songs and albums and prose to the greatest American President that ever lived. (Yes, I know, everything he every touched turned to crap, but they don’t see that.)

Farewell concerts will be held to Messiah Obama, tears will be shed and much French wine will be had and calls to abolish the two term limit will be made.

On Capitol Hill, what’s left of the decimated Democratic Party will be vomiting praise and offering resolutions in Congress to dedicate parks, lakes and cities to his name.

Mount Rushmore will be called upon to offer up another stone face for this ‘greatest of greats’ and books will be written, stories will be told and monuments will be erected to the ‘First Black President’ (No, not Bill Clinton.)

All this, despite the fact that he did less than nothing for the black population… to be blunt he sowed the seeds of division and hatred and has left the black Americans in a far worse way than when he found them.

The sad legacy of Obama is that he could have achieved so much to unify. The fact that he was half black gave him the platform to bring all races together… instead he had an ideology to pursue and that blinded him to everything else and the American people turned on him.

In 2010 the people wiped out the Democrat Congress lead at the first opportunity. In 2014 they took the Senate off the Democrats and they removed Democrats from over 700 seats across the country, from dog catchers to Mayors…. all wiped out and the final slap in the face for this ‘great President’ is that they elected someone who will undo everything that Obama has destroyed….

Obama should not be celebrated… the American people should be celebrated for seeing behind the mask.

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