To The Death?

David Cameron does not favour a press law of any kind and he is right.

It is a brave thing for him to do as the Conservatives are constantly attacked by the left leaning press of the UK. In many ways the easiest thing that he could have done was to have  bent to the censorship demands that the Liberals and Labour wish….. but that is not the way of a free society.

The press often go too far, the press often sell an ideology and the press can be dishonest but a free press is all we have. Once the press is curbed by politicians then ‘we’ are controlled  by politicians.[more…]

Freedom-of-Speech-united-states-of-america-21760995-960-720It is bad enough that the media are sometimes censored by the need to retain advertising and by the need to deny publicity to people who do not agree with their values but we don’t need a media that is further censored by law. The best form of censorship (for a dishonest media,) is to stop buying their product.

Cameron has gone up in my estimation for sticking to the very foundation of democracy…. a free press. We do not have a Freedom of Speech law, as the Americans do, therefore we often have no other recourse but to redress those issues through the press.

Here, in UK, we have laws to stop us walking were we would like and we have laws to stop us saying what we might think…. All for the sake of security. We need no laws to silence the press. They have been tried many times in the past and all attempts have led to death and disaster.

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