A perfect example of liberal tactics.

A perfect example of liberal tactics. Perfect. The tactics comes from a book written by a socialist.

The instructions are: Accuse your enemy of doing exactly what you are doing. .

Most of you won’t know this program… it’s called Murphy Brown… it’s just been cancelled.

Trump supporter are being physically attacked viciously in almost every state in the USA.

The people who have been attacked by Trump supporters could be counted on one had.

…the left wing show tells the audience that Trump singled out this poor battered reporter and the crowd beat and serious injured him. That has never happened in the hundreds of rallies and the millions of people who attended the rallies.

…the same applies in the UK. The liberals accuse all of their opponents as bigots, racists, anti-semites and misogynist and the proof and facts are the exact opposite… just look at the Labour Party and its leader.

Be aware of these tactics and NEVER accept them.

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