Alex Salmon – Rapist… and man.

I am an advocate of the death penalty…

If a person goes out of their way to plot and kill someone then their life should be forfeited… I would accept a lesser penalty for murders that are committed in the spur of the moment… in some cases, but not all.

For example, you can’t run down the street waving an axe in the air and threatening to kill someone, then kill a police officer or member of the public as he tries to stop you. That is a death penalty crime in my book.

I say that because I want to talk about rape. Taking into consideration my thoughts on murderers I consider rape to be well up in that category of crime.

It is such a horrendous crime that I believe that in some rare cases the death penalty should be imposed on rapists.

Which is completely contrary to what the politicians and justice experts think. Rape is not considered a great crime by them… stealing money, embezzlement and crimes involving money are much higher in their pecking order.

Here’s the kicker… I do not like Alex Salmon. I think he is a nasty individual who cares nothing for people or the unity of our nation. He should neither be in power nor in the public eye…I think he is not a nice person at all…. but what is happening to him now is nothing short of a crime.

Here we are again lynching a man on an accusation. Whether he is guilty or innocent his life is now ruined and his reputation in history is forever tarnished by the accusation.

….but, just think, what if it were you and you knew you were totally innocent? (I am not saying that he is innocent – or guilty.) but what if someone went to police after you had a night out with them and accused you of rape? Think about it… how would your life change from that day onwards.

The law needs to be changed to protect men but it never will be changed. In this culture of social media lynching and PC terrorist roaming the media, there is no politician that would dare stand up for the rights of men to privacy.

In this climate… even ordinary law-abiding men are an enemy to the media and the social justice warriors…

Every commercial, every TV program and every movie shows men in their worst light… who, in power, is going to stand up to the social justice smearing… no one.

In the meantime… men are committing suicide at the highest rates recorded, men are falling behind in education and men still die much younger…

Yet, it is men, yes men, who are 95% more likely to die in war… fighting for the freedom so that the media and the social justice warriors to keep trying to destroy men.

It is our strengths that will destroy us.


1 thought on “Alex Salmon – Rapist… and man.”

  1. Roger Ewen says:

    Just goes to show, making emotional outbursts, behaving like a school girl, following a trail of blood, left by politically sponsored police force, doesn’t give you any credibility nor you’re thinly veiled assursions.

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