Bangor Protest

I was down at the protest at Bangor Police station tonight. I met a lot of good people. They were not the crazy fanatics that some of the media portray them to be.

They were decent, articulate citizens who are concerned about people’s rights and some of the political decisions that have been made by the Chief Constable. (I share some of these concerns.)

I also met several good people wearing PSNI uniforms….. the protestors were friendly and shared some humour with the PSNI….. with not even a hint on animus or anger towards the police officers on the ground.

It is not hard to understand why they protest. Who is voicing their concerns? The political parties certainly are not. The political parties are happy to be inclusive when the elections are near but where are they to speak for, or even speak to, their citizens?

Why is it me that is standing listening to their concerns? I do am happy to be there but surely the DUP and UUP should have be standing there and listening? Not some minor politician like me.

The DUP and UUP need to start going out of their way and making a point of talking to and listening to the protestors.

I suspect that the people, who have been protesting, will have long political memories this time.

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