Beans, Waffles and Porky Pies

Did you know that times are so tough in the Council Chamber that there has been a moratorium placed on apple pie being served at the tea break!? If that is not a full on scandal then I don’t know what is? But can I ask your readers to dry their tears because the Council have replaced the missing apple pie with mountains of waffle. Howrah!

We get waffle for starters, waffle for main course and waffle for desert… we have so much waffle that the surplus will, more than likely, spill over onto the letters page of the Spectator this week. I will be surprised if the DUP and Ulster Unionists do not write in to make their excuses for the selling out of the people at last week’s debate over the School Car Park. But then again they may ask their chief spokesperson from Groomsport to do the job for them.

I will be surprised if the syrup is not poured on lavishly when those Councillors, who bullied the sale of the School car park through, are regaling you with their excuses. But ask every Councillor you meet this one simple question? WHAT DIFFERENCE WOULD A 4 WEEK DELAY HAVE MADE?

A simple question and one that will make you fat. Because you will be buried in a mountain of buttered up waffles. (If the Councillor doesn’t run off before answering). The FACTS of the matter are this: Delaying the sale would have put pressure on the developer to work with the school. it would have given a deadline for the SEELB to stop playing games and it would not have affected your rates by one penny. Also, had the developer pulled out because of the 4 week delay then it would have proved that the bid was not serious in the first place and the Council could then go to bid two.

But let me return to my main theme of food. Waffles are full of holes, just like the excuses you will hear, and the people who will be waffling are not adverse to telling porky pies but their excuses will not amount to a hill of beans. So I suspect that you will not hunger after the meal they offer you. It will not be a healthy meal and it will leave you feeling sick but be content in your meal because it was you who voted the chefs and waiters into power and any indigestion you may suffer is of your own making.

Mind you there were several hundred out there with common sense and taste and I thank them for voting for me.

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