Bill Clinton Leaked E-mails.

What a bombshell. Much speculation and discussion in American news rooms across the USA over this latest breaking news… some are saying that he leaked the emails so that Hillary Clinton would not the destroy his legacy.

Others are saying that Bill Clinton was careless about the women he let into his house and that ‘he’ didn’t leak the damaging Podesta emails, but one of his female friends did.

In the last news show that I saw they were saying that it may have been Hillary, herself, that leaked her own emails so that she would lose as she was under a lot of mental stress at the time and ‘wanted out.’ (According to a source)

All in all this is a serious scandal and should be treated in the same manner as the accusations of Russian involvement in the Presidential Election. A full public Senate enquiry needs to take place to investigate these serious allegations and to ensure that Trump is blamed

I know that if I receive a summons to appear before congress to give evidence that I will keep my sources private and not let anyone know that my dead uncle told me this in a dream that I had.

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