Can She Do It?

I watched Prime MInister’s Question Time… Theresa May is very capable and never once looked to be on the defensive… the only signs of weakness that she showed were her over reactions to comments and insults. She was over-animated in her body language. It’s best not to react at all as that is a sign of weakness.

She could be a good Prime Minister, actually she could be a great Prime Minister if she gets us out of Brexit properly… and not in a half assed way.
She shakes her head when the opposition say that her turncoat Chequers Speech proposals are dead… but I think she will adopt and change these proposals as she has an excellent ‘get out of jail free card’ and that card is being played by the bitter little lefties of the EU. (If they are not game playing)
I highly suspect that their bitter and arrogant stance will allow Theresa May to claim victory in the long run.
It looks to me that none of the Prime MInister’s potential replacements actual want the job, at this stage of the game, as it is too risky for them to make a move and the game is in such a mess.
From a person who voted to get out of the socialist haven of the EU I hope that Theresa May can pull this off as. at the moment, she is the only game in town.


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