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Nothing to see… move on.

When you wake up tomorrow thank the people on this list for allowing you to live, love and die in this free country. They did not wake on the morning that they died and say: “Let me die for my country today.” but each one died anyway and the least we can do is think […]

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Queen’s Parade 27 years later.

I argued from the start (1993) that the Bangor Council should keep its nose out of the business world because everything that they would touch would take years to do and cost ten times…

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Yer all talk Lennon

For 22 years, day in day out, week in week out, I fought against corruption, the Council, the RUC, the PSNI, the Assembly and the pen pushers in government. It was a constant, stressful and intimidating struggle that I did with zero help. (Apart form the support of my loved ones and, at the rare […]

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Bangor’s Nightmare Fairytale

Bangor’s Fairytale…. Stephen Farry’s legacy…. a kiss-me-quick mess…. but…what they are cooking up now is probably worse…. In this mess they even wanted to remove the Queen’s name from the Queen’s Parade…. The Councillors really don’t understand Bangor….. Bangor is not Portrush and it’s not Newcastle…. Kiss-me-quick is dead and buried…. we need to move […]

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Queen’s Parade Feral Cats

Over the years there has been a steady build up of feral cats at Queen’s Parade in Bangor. One cat feeder has been diligently feeding them over the years. There are now between 60 to 70 feral cats on the Queen’s Parade site. Once the DSD took over the site last year I realised that […]

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I’m In It For Myself.

Yes, that is the shocking confession that I need to make today. I am in it for myself and here are the many reasons why! It is hard to resist the £720 I bring home every month and I really could overdose on the abuse and stress that the Council brings me, I just love it that […]

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