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Get real, respect Catholics

Yes, I am repeating myself… but this is the core issue in this wee country: There are some people suggesting that they would ‘go to war’ if a border poll came out in favour of a United Ireland… I wonder do they really ‘know’ what that would mean: …it means that British Ulster people would […]

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Stinking, Rotten Policing…

What a stinking, rotten job the police have. Scraping up the human scum from our streets and having to release them to foul up our street gain after only a few hours, defending ungrateful people from harm and robbery and having to tolerate morons as their leaders. Then, on top of that, they are required […]

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Nothing to see… move on.

When you wake up tomorrow thank the people on this list for allowing you to live, love and die in this free country. They did not wake on the morning that they died and say: “Let me die for my country today.” but each one died anyway and the least we can do is think […]

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The Irish Language Act

This is the school that I went to as a child… there were times that I had to run to school to avoid getting attacked by French Canadian kids…. I was going to this school when our house was targeted with a ‘petrol bomb’ by the French Canadians and I went to this school after […]

Bangor & Around Norn' Irelan'

Queen’s Parade 27 years later.

I argued from the start (1993) that the Bangor Council should keep its nose out of the business world because everything that they would touch would take years to do and cost ten times…

Bangor & Around Norn' Irelan'
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