Che Guevara madness & sanity

Lucinda Creighton is former TD for the Dublin Bay South constituency is displaying some sanity over the Irish Governments’s beautification of a child killer.
She is a former Minister for European Affairs of Ireland, Council member of the European Council on Foreign Relations and Vice President of the European People’s Party.
“…..THE recent controversy around the image of Che Guevara on a national stamp has, to my mind, helped glorify a terrorist while trying to depict him as some sort of wronged martyr.
It is difficult to know why the decision to put him on a stamp was made.
Che was a ‘dangerous zealot who established deadly squads to torture and murder political opponents’
To critics, the move turns a mass murderer into a working class hero and dresses up Marxism as some sort of socialist utopia.
Guevara’s image might look good on a T-shirt, or even a stamp for that matter, but no amount of revisionism and soft soaping by politicians can take away from the fact he was not a champion of the dispossessed or the poor.
If his objective were just to topple the fascist Batista regime in Cuba, he would have stopped when that mission was accomplished.
Instead he and his friends Fidel and Raul Castro replaced one deadly and murderous regime with another.
They proved themselves to be as bloodthirsty as the fascists who went before them.
Supporters of Bolivia’s President Evo Morales attend a ceremony to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Guevara’s death
The fact that Guevara has been put on a ‘commemorative’ stamp by our national postal service An Post is nothing short of a disgrace.
It offends those who have spent years highlighting the brutality of the Guevara/Castro axis and it shows a complete disregard for murdered victims and their loved ones left behind.
The decision is entirely despicable. Guevara has for many years been something of an icon for ­politicians and campaigners on the hard left.
Students and stickies tend to wear the T-Shirt as some sort of anti-capitalist anti-establishment statement.
Finding and promoting iconic figures who personify a particular social and economic outlook is all well and good.
Promoting individuals who revelled in the slaughter of innocent people is quite another matter.
Che Guevara assisted the brutal Castro brothers in establishing the Communist police state in Cuba over which they have presided for more than 50 years.
Far from the hipster, peace-maker socialist hero which his propaganda machine would have us believe, Guevara was Castro’s chief executioner in Cuba after the Batista regime was toppled.
He did not discriminate against his victims.
The elderly and children alike were targeted and executed — the only criterion was they were somehow involved in opposing the totalitarian regime Guevara was propping up.
He was a self-proclaimed fan of Communism — not merely the idea, but the reality of Communism as it was practised in China, Russia and elsewhere.
He believed in the Chinese ‘cultural revolution’ — a brutal reign of terror which saw millions of people executed and millions more enslaved.
This was the Communist ideal which Guevara and his friends attempted to install all over Latin America.
It is ironic so many young people idolise Che Guevara as a liberal icon, an open-minded freedom fighter and defender of the oppressed.
The reality is so far from this romantic notion it is almost laughable.”

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