Corruption? What corruption?

The corruption of North Down Borough Council is one of the reasons that I have such support for Trump.

Just like the USA and, just like Theresa May’s government, the local North Down Borough Council was ruled by an elite gang of self centred people (both Councillors and Officers) who did everything they could to stop the changes that were being made by me in the first ten years in my role as a Councillor. Even going as far as breaking the law to try to stop me.

One very senior Council Officer (who is not longer in the country) lied to me about the deadline for returning election expenses and the next thing I knew a writ was served on the my campaign manager and threats were made that my election would be nullified. I was late by one day.

The same Senior Officer broke the law by getting the Council to finance a law suit against me by a third party. You cannot pay someone to sue someone else… that is against the law. But almost ¬£3,000 of your ratepayer money was spent supporting that third party in his attempts to sue me.

A different Senior Officer reported me directly to a paramilitary group. (A group that was not on ceasefire at that time) because I was asking ‘internal’ questions about where the bonfire money was going in the early days of the scheme.

Senior Officers started investigating my family when I made a complaint about some corrupt practices in one of the Council departments and the people who brought me proof, solid proof, of the corrupt practices were called ‘paramilitaries’ despite the fact that they were not in the slightest involved.

There are dozens of other corrupt stories I could offer but hopefully now people will see why I support someone, like Trump, who will never fear the elite or their money and will crush them with the help of everyday, ordinary people.

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