Business As Usual

I don’t think there is a single person in North Down that doesn’t realise that Bangor Town Centre is in need of some serious commercial investment.

Everyone wants to see some more new shops, restaurants and entertainment venues.

Bangor has some extremely good investment opportunities for commercial risk takers and one of those opportunities is a prime historic building sited on, what I consider to be, the mostly valuable and commercially viable plot of land in North Down. The Old Bangor Court House.


It is with out a doubt a superb investment opportunity with the potential to open up that whole area of Queen’s Parade.[more…]

A small dinner theatre, a family gastro-pub, a designer shop complex the opportunities are endless.

So why on Earth are the Green Party campaigning to have it turned it a community hall?

No doubt it would be a handy little meeting place but what would it do for the shoppers or visitors to Bangor?

It is not hard to understand the Green Parties motives as they are not interested in the big bad world of commercialism but they are in the market for more votes and nothing brings in votes better than calling for more government spending on more and more social ventures.

After all who could stand up and vote against ‘something for the children’ it would be a very hard hearted politician that did. At least that is what he/she would be portrayed as.

The parties are all guilty of stupidity, double standards and pandering for votes so I suppose I should not be too hard on The Green Party as they are just hanging out a sign saying “Business As Usual” But surely the people of our wee borough are sick of: Business As Usual?….. Or perhaps not.


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