Don’t Fence Me In

A Council committee discussed the new fence that the DSD is paying for down at the boat yard in Bangor…. The cost of this fence is beyond belief!

I cannot give the exact price as the meeting was held in secret, although on thinking about it I cannot figure out why it was held in secret as it is not a tender situation, but just in case I will not give the figure….. but you could buy 5 cars medium priced cars for the price of this fence…..

Now, that is scandalous….. but what is even more scandalous is the fact the the DSD is “telling us”, not asking us, what the design will be. Several Councillors expressed concern over the fact that they will have no input into this very prominent fence……. It appears that the consultation over the Masterplan was a farce as the DSD seems to be dictating what Bangor’s corporate identity will be for the next 20 years…… so much for consultation.

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