Whilst The Eye Is Elsewhere

imageWhilst all our attention is turned on the horrors of the Islamic Jihadists there is a threat that is much more imminent on the edge of Europa… Russia.

Russia is suffering. It’s economy is imploding. It’s leader is adored and the blame is falling on the West due to the sanctions. Oil prices are collapsing and the Russian currency is collapsing with it. Interest rates have almost doubled overnight and Putin has the stage set and the finger is not pointing at his leadership… The finger is pointing at the West.

Putin just won Russia’s Man Of The Year for the 15th year in a row and his popularity is at an all time high….

The next step is Putin’s and it will be violent. Anyone over the age of 40 knows what will happen next…. When a tyrant is in trouble he turns to violence. Commentators are saying that Putin must now move out from the areas of the Ukraine which he has ‘not so’ secretly invaded and the sanctions will be lifted….

But Putin cannot do that because it would be seen as weak and he would lose internal strength…. Putin’s next step will be a manufactured crisis and then a full invasion of the Ukraine to ‘protect it’s citizens from harm’.

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