Forget About Democracy. Who needs it anyway.

This will NEVER happen in the UK. The British people are happy to get rid of democracy, they never cared for it much anyway.

What has democracy done for me today!? Eh!? Does it give me free electricity for my computer? eh? or free food? eh? and don’t talk to me about the cost of my computer games… they should be free too!

..and ‘freedom’ who needs it. As long as we have masters that govern over us and feed us and allow us to have food… I’m happy.

Let’s just forget about all this talk of freedom and democracy… we don’t deserve it… and, I am pretty sure that we could put the 11th November to better use.

All that standing around thinking about people who are long dead… such a waste of a good day when we could be on our computers… and poppies offend me.

(I would bet you every thing I own that there are an awful lot of people who think like this. I highly suspect that the way that the nations moral compass is being spun they will start to come out in the open pretty soon.)

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