Get real, respect Catholics

Yes, I am repeating myself… but this is the core issue in this wee country:

There are some people suggesting that they would ‘go to war’ if a border poll came out in favour of a United Ireland… I wonder do they really ‘know’ what that would mean:

…it means that British Ulster people would have to kill British soldiers and British police officers.

…there are some very naive people that suggest that the British Army or British police would not enforce the peace and come over to the side of the Ulster British fighting the British, which could mean British soldiers killing British soldiers and British police officers etc. Absurd!

There are others that suggest they the ‘British Ulster People’ could retire to an enclave around Ballymena… and that they could ‘hold out’ there and that the Scottish would come over in force to help them defend the place…. which, again, would mean British killing British. Pure and utter nonsense.

None of this would happen and none of this will happen… democratic British people will not kill other British people to remain British.

The bottom line is that Northern Ireland WILL remain British and they WILL remain British by the strength of the Catholic voters who support the United Kingdom… and PLEASE don’t give me that BS that they love the British benefits system… that is sick propaganda that undermines the very existence of a British Northern Ireland and is entirely untrue.

Sinn Féin wants ALL Catholics to hate the British so much that they will vote for a United Ireland but Sinn Féin will fail in that aim and loyalist people who insult, demean and attack Catholics are a Godsend to Sinn Féin.

If you truly want to remain British you need to remember that this is NOT a religious conflict… it is a political conflict in which men of violence use religion to divide the people… and attacking people solely because of their religion benefits the men of violence.

Insult, demean and attack Catholics and you peel away the very support which will keep you British… and in doing so make Sinn Féin very, very happy. Don’t play their game. There are many thousands of Catholics that have served the UK proudly. Respect them.

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