Hating The Jews

The hatred of the Jews has been ongoing since well before the time of Shakespeare… Hating the Jews is like an old fable… It started way back in the time of the Jews and Herod.. and across the centuries the story of the evil Jews being demons and drinking the blood of Christians etc, and the fable just kept on going…

My theory is that those scare stories and the lack of real knowledge in those days kept the Jews from the society of the places were they had to live and they had to find skills to keep themselves alive.

One of those skills was the necessity of making money go as far as possible and not wasting it… and that thriftiness and penchant for hard work and suffering led them into being money lenders… and everybody hates money lenders don’t they, so that situation perpetuated the myth of the ‘hated miserly Jews’….

Shakespeare, Dickens and the playwrights of those days also had a large part in perpetuating and popularising those evil Jew myths. Scrooge was a miserly Jew and Marlowe had several Jewish bad guys. Shakespeare had Jews as evil people in several of his plays.

To tell a good story you need an enemy… just look at the movies… in the 70’s it was black people, in the 80’s the Russians, in the 90’s Islamic terror in the 2000’s it was the British bad guy and now it is zombies and robots. (they are very PC enemies.)

…but for the ancient story tellers across the centuries it was the Jews…

Today’s hatred for them in the Middle East is even more simple to explain…

The Jewish enemies in the Middle East are intolerant of all religions and do not want any religion other than their own to be in that land, or any land, and to that end… they play off the West’s myths of the Jews… and succeed.

If it were Christians, Buddhists or atheists living in Israel it would be the same. It all boils down to intolerance and ignorance.

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  1. Roger Ewen says:

    There is also another way of looking at the accusations. When a gang repeatedly blackmails, abuses children, marginalises nations, with malintent, points one human being at another in an attempt to take advantage, why is it the fault of those who do not consider these behaviours acceptable. At the same time let us not confuse Jews with zionists Jews, Khazar or Ashkenazi cult members who follow the teachings of the Talmud. These should be banned from political public or financial office, in any country or nation. Let us just look at the concentration camp in Gaza or lets go all the way back to the castration of bankers by king John for child abuse, raping, blackmailing, usury, assassination etc etc ….. just what they do today, under the protection from the friends of Israel. So much one can say, because so little is allowed on MSM. That’s the control these extremists have over banking, finance law and politics.

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