To hell with Americans

So what? Hillary had a private server…. big deal.

Except that everyone is missing the point. The point is the contempt that Hillary Clinton has for the American people and the open dismissal of their rights.

The people of the USA have a constitutional rights to see the workings of their government and Hillary Clinton decided that the people of America should not see how her government department worked.

Hillary took it on herself to tell the people of America that she was above their scrutiny and that the American public would only see what she wanted them to see, even if it was against the law to do so.

Not only did she deny the American people the right to see how her Government department worked she openly defied a writ from the highest court in the land and destroyed the history of her department records before they could be examined by the people or the courts.

…and because she is a high profile politician she got away with it.


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