I’m In It For Myself.

dr-evil-originalYes, that is the shocking confession that I need to make today. I am in it for myself and here are the many reasons why!

It is hard to resist the £720 I bring home every month and I really could overdose on the abuse and stress that the Council brings me, I just love it that much, and when one throws in all the nasty comments and threats from people who don’t know me, but hate all politicians, it makes being a Councillor a joy.

….and I haven’t even mentioned the fact that there are a lot of people who scan my every word and will take every opportunity to bash me for not being 101% PC or not supporting their point of view. Oooooo Mama!! [more…]

I also find it hard to speak of the delight that I feel when I stand up in front of 20 ‘odd’ Councillors (No pun intended), every Tuesday night, who are just waiting to rip every word I say to shreds and joy or joys…. and oh, how they love to demean and belittle me….. whip me again, big boy! Ooooo!

Truth of the matter is that I have such a sadistic side of me that I go out of my way to be disgracefully truthful… just to annoy the Councillors so that the they can block me from ever being the Chair of a committee (Which pays good money) or ever holding the position of the Mayor (Which pays even better money)…… and watching them gloat as they stab me in the back….. sends me into ecstasy…. more! more! more!

But here is the thing that gives me the greatest pleasure; The fact that I can spend three days away from my business, doing my Council work, and watch as I lose money hand over fist from my self-employed business…. now if anyone ever doubts that there is not some sadistic pleasure in that I despair….. and I have to ask “Just what do those people do for pleasure?”.


But I haven’t finished…. just think what it is like (Oh, I am getting turned on) to be bad mouthed by some Councillors, every day, as they speak to the public. They run you down in their shops, they lie about you behind your back and they do all they can to ruin your personal and political life… Oooo good lordy! The pleasure!

p.s. If anyone can find a way to make it more than just those few Councillors please let me know…. 3 or 4 Councillors doing that just isn’t enough!!!!

and lastly I almost forgot…. (Wait I have to calm myself – this is just so exciting. Deep breath.) it is just such a hot thing to bring good ideas to the Council, to help improve the Borough, and see the Councillors throw out the ideas just because they came from Lennon……. Ohhhhhh yes! yes! yes!

Anyway. What pleasure would you get from being a Councillor to help people or doing it for the community? Rubbish. That’s boring.

I have to take a shower now… Bye.

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