Israeli Hate Mongering

recep_tayyip_erdogan_with_obamasSo Erdogan, the Turkish Prime Minister, calls Zionism a ‘crime against humanity’ and the left use that as an excuse to attack Israel.  (CLICK HERE)

No surprises there then?

But what is this?

John Kerry (The USA Secretary of State) says:

“We not only disagree with it; we found it objectionable,” Kerry said. He added that he had raised the issue with Davutoglu “very directly” and said he would do the same with Erdogan. The spat comes ahead of a trip to Israel and Jordan later this month by President Barack Obama, who wants to try to nudge the Israelis and Palestinians back to peace talks.

The White House rejected the comparison on Thursday, calling it “offensive and wrong.” A senior State Department official traveling with Kerry said comments like Erdogan’s are “corrosive” to U.S.-Turkey relations and damaging to regional and international stability.

The change from Hillary to Kerry seems to be interesting…… I wonder how long he will last?

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