Letter To America

Dear American people,

Some of you asked me about how we organise our political system in this small country of Northern Ireland… and the answer is: We don’t. Real politics died many years ago and there is no sign of it returning.

You, Americans, are experiencing the same thing in your country. One of your political parties wants the destruction of your country and that fact makes it almost impossible to govern normally and you are experiencing the same ‘obstructionist’ politics from the left.

Even to the extent that the left is supporting the enemies of America to achieve their goals. In Northern Ireland… We are experience ‘destructionist’ politics from the left.

In Northern Ireland, the British people are under constant attack. It is a permanent siege against the British people. The left and the Irish republicans want to destroy this country politically and they are trying everything possible to make it fail.

Omagh Bomb Victims

The left-wing Irish republicans tried violence and they failed but violence still lurks in the background as the ultimate threat should their political masters not get their way.

So, when it comes time to vote in the elections, the Northern Ireland British people vote to defend their way of life and all other political matters fall by the wayside, no matter how serious.

The other side of the coin is exactly the same. The people who wish to destroy Northern Ireland are so filled with hate and anger that they vote for those who would kill this country and we have the normal ignorant, leftist politicians who blindly or inadvertently support them.

The result is that there are no real political issues other than that of survival.

The country could be on the verge of bankruptcy and failure and it would not matter to the voting patterns.

Death and Bombs

What is the use of electing a great financial or social leader when your very existence is threatened. This simple fact means that the people will vote for those who will defend their country and will continue to do so as the threat of destruction will never end.

In America you face the same war. The left is now in all out war against everything that made America great. The difference between America and Northern Ireland is that you will win your war.

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