Mitt The Man

Mitt Romney, who ran for the Republicans last time, and lost, was probably one of the most compassionate, decent and finest men around.

He was the kind of person you would love to know and is one of the kindest and most generous people in America… he not only gave of his money… he gave much of his own time for charities and causes which he would not publicise

But…. the dirty tactics of the left wing tarnished and tainted this man so much that at the end of the last election you would think he was the devil’s son. It was shameful slander on a fine man.

Donald Trump has had the nut cases of every single left wing media outlet, every large newspaper and every left wing politician spending billions trying to tarnish his name and dig up dirt on him.

All they got was a private comment that he had made to another man. Something we have all done.

Donald Trump is a decent man…. but that will never reach the ears of the low information population of this country or the USA… all they will hear is what the left wants them to hear… it is just sad that there are so many dirty individuals on the left that will foster and support this disgusting dishonest treatment of a decent man

…but they do and if they can taint Mitt Romney they will continue to taint Trump….

Note: I am no political fan of Romney… but he is still a very decent man… as is Trump.

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