Nothing to see… move on.

When you wake up tomorrow thank the people on this list for allowing you to live, love and die in this free country.

They did not wake on the morning that they died and say: “Let me die for my country today.” but each one died anyway and the least we can do is think about them once in a while and teach our kids why they are free to play, sing and dance.

You need to teach your children about the cost of being free because they won’t be taught about it in their schools. If you don’t teach them then they may become one of the names on a list like this in the future.

Capt DA.Stewardson
WO2 CJL.Davies
Pte TF.McCann
S/Sgt CR.Cracknell
Sgt AS.Butcher
Maj BC.Calladene
Capt JH.Young
WO2 WJ.Clark
Sgt RE.Hills
Capt BS.Gritten
S/Sgt RF.Beckett
Capt R.Wilkinson
2nd/Lt LW.Hamilton Dobbie
Sgt AN.Brammah
S/Sgt VI.Rose
WO2 JA.Maddocks
WO2 E.Garside
Cpl CW.Brown
Sgt ME.Walsh
Sig PJ.Reece(Royal Signals)
Gnr RAJ.Furminger(Royal Artillery)
WO2 MO’Neil
L/Cpl DW.Green
WO2 JR.Howard
Sgt M G Willetts GC
Pte R A Barton
Pte Kelly
Pte C Stephenson
Pte F Bell
Cpl S N Harrison
L/Cpl T Brown
L/Cpl D A Foreman
WO2 W R Vines
Sgt J F Wallace
L/Cpl P James
Pte W Snowdon
Pte J Borucki
L/Cpl. D A Jones
Pte. J Fisher
Cpl. R D Adcock
Maj. P J Fursman
WO2. W Beard
Sgt . I A Rogers
Cpl. N J Andrews
Cpl. J C Giles
Cpl. L Jones
L/Cpl. CG Ireland
Pte G I Barnes
Pte D F Blair
Pte R Dunn
Pte R N England
Pte R D U Jones
Pte T R Vance
Pte J A Vaughan-Jones
Pte A G Wood
Pte M Woods
Pte P S Grundy
Lt. S G Bates
L/Cpl. M C May
Pte G M R Hardy,
A/Sgt B M Brown
L/Cpl. P Hampson
Sgt A I Slater MM (SAS)
Sgt M B Matthews
Pte R Spikins
L/Cpl S Wilson
Pte D Macaulay
Pte M Marshall
Pte A Harrison
L/Cpl R Coulson
L/Cpl P H Sullivan
Pte M B Lee
Pte P F J Gross
Pte C D King
Pte M A Ramsey
Pte Donald F Blair
Sgt R. S. McCarter
Sapper Ronald Hurst
S/Sgt Malcolm Banks
Sapper Edward Stuart
WO2 Ian Donald
Major Richard Jarman
Sapper John Walton
Sgt David Evans
Sapper Howard Edwards
Colonel Mark Coe
L/Cpl Michael Robbins
Sapper Christopher John Beattie
Sapper Patrick Azimkar
Captain Harry Keith Murphy
Captain Janis Mary Cant.
WO2 Philip Cross
Sgt Michael Muldoon
Cpl. B Criddle
Spr. M Orton (Royal Engineers)
Cpl. D Hayes (Royal Pioneer Corps)
Cpl. T O’Neill (Royal Regiment Fusiliers)
L/Cpl. P Hampson(Parachute Regiment)
Pte R V Jones
Pte R Rowe
Pte T A. Stoker
Pte T Rudman
Pte S R Hall
Pte G M Curtis
Pte N I Blythe
Pte J J Willby
Pte B Bishop
Pte P L Bullock
Pte J Burfitt
Pte R Greener
Pte A S Lewis
Pte M A Norworthy
Pte S J Wilkinson
Pte J Winter
Pte G Smith
Pte A J Richardson
Pte J R Rudman
Sgt A B Whitelock
Cp. T P Taylor
Pte J Gaskell
Pte R B Roberts
Pte R Stafford
Pte P Turner
Pte P K Eastaugh
L/Cpl A Kennington
L/Cpl C R Miller
Pte R D Turnbull
Pte M E Harrison
Pte L J Harrison
Cpl D P Salthouse
Cpl I R Morrilll.
Dvr Laurence Jubb
L/Cpl Michael Bruce
Dvr Peter Heppenstall
Dvr Stephen Cooper
Dvr Ronald Kitchen
Dvr Michael Gay
Sgt Thomas Penrose
Dvr Norman McKenzie
Sgt William Edgar
Dvr Paul Bulman
L/Cpl Norman Duncan
S Sgt Joseph Flemming
Dvr Craig Pantry.
Fus A Simmons
Cpl B Barker
Cpl T H Agar
L/Cpl R V Huggins
Cpl P W Gallimore
Major J J E Snow
Fus K Canham
Fus A P Tingey
Cpl D Napier
Fus G W Foxall
Fus T Foxall
Fus A J Grundy
L/Cpl M J Beswick
Cpl J L Davis
Fus C J Marchant
Cpl D Llewellyn
Cpl E Gleeson
Sgt S J Francis
Fus M J Sampson
Fus J D Duncan
Fus P L Mcdonald
Cpl D Traynor
L/Cpl W T Makin
Cpl T O’Neil (Attached Army Dog Unit R.A.V.C.)

On the 4th February 1974. A coach travelling from Manchester along the M62 was carrying servicemen their wives and families back to Catterick camp in Yorkshire, after a weekend break. As the coach was approaching Huddersfield at 12.15am, It suddenly exploded ripping away the rear half of the coach. Police believe that bombers had hid 50lbs of explosive in the rear luggage compartment of the coach while it was parked up over the weekend in Manchester with its luggage compartment unlocked. The compartment reached under the rear seat of the crowded coach. Men Women and children at the rear of the coach were virtually sitting on a time-bomb. The Explosion killed eleven of the back to camp passengers including a family of four.

Cpl Clifford Haughton
Mrs Linda Haughton Age 22
Master Lee Haughton Aged 5
Master Robert Haughton Aged 2

L/Cpl James J Mcshane
Fus Jack Hynes
Fus Stephen Whalley.S/
Sgt R E Hall
Capt M Cacknell
Capt R S Dove
Sgt I C Reid
L/Cpl D Moon(REME), C/
Sgt A Place
Sgt DB Read
Sgt S Young
Cofh B R Cox
WO2 D C Rowat
Major. J D Hicks
WO B A Jackson
Cpl AK Ford
Capt M J Kett
Capt A J Stirling
Cpl R D Adcock(PARA)
Sgt K J Robson
Cpl R Jackson
Sgt R T Gregory
Cpl B Mckenna
L/Cpl S J Roberts
L/Cpl T Orange, S/
Sgt J N P Croft
L/Cpl C M Monteith
Cpl M D Ioannou, S/
Sgt S J Thompson
Capt Andrew Nicoll
Sgt Simon Bennett.
Flt Lt Jonathan Paul Tapper
Flt Lt Richard David Cook
Malm Graham William Forbes
Sgt Kevin Andrew Hardie.
Lt Col Richard Lawrence Gregory-Smith
Lt Col John Tobias MBE
Lt Col George Victor Alexander Williams MBE,QGM
Colonel Christopher John Biles OBE
Major Richard Allen
Major Christopher John Dockerty Prince Of Wales Own
Major Anthony Robert Hornby MBE
Major Roy Pugh MBE
Major Gary Paul Sparks.
ACC John Charles Brian Fitzsimons MBE
DCS Desmond Patrick Conroy QGM,BEM
DCS Maurice Mclaughlin Neilly
Det Super Phillip George Davidson
Det Super Robert Patrick Foster
Det Super John Turbitt Phoenix
Det Super William Rutherford Gwilliam
DI Dennis Stanley Bunting
DI Kevin Michael Magee
DI Stephen Davidson.
Mr Martin George Dalton
Mr John Robert Deverell CB,MBE
Ms Anne Catherine Macdonald
Mr Michael Bruce Maltby
Mr Stephen Lewis Rickard
Mr John Stuart Haynes MBE
Sgt B Young
L/Cpl William G. Jolliffe
Cpl Thomas F. Lea
Sgt David Ross
Sgt Sheridan Young.
Signalman Paul Genge
Cpl John Aikman
Signalman Michael Eugene Waugh
Signalman Leslie David Walsh
Signalman Paul Anthony Reid
Signalman Paul J Reece
Cpl Michael Ward
Cpl Derek T Wood
Cpl David Howes
L/Cpl Graham P Lambie
Sgt Michael James Winkler
Signalman Mark Clavey
Cpl William J Paterson, S/
Sgt Kevin A Froggett
Sgt Michael Newman
Gunner Robert Curtis
L/Bomb John Laurie
Bom Paul Challenor
Gnr Clifford Loring
Sgt Martin Carroll
Gnr Angus Stevens
L/Bomb David Tilbury
Gnr Ian Docherty
Gnr Richard Ham
L/Bomb Eric Blackburn
L/Bomb Brian Thomasson
Gnr Victor Husband
Gnr Brian Robertson
Sgt Charles Coleman
Gunner William Raistrick
Bom Terrence Jones
Gnr Leroy Gordon
L/Bomb David Wynne
Major David Storry
Gnr Robert Cutting
Gnr Paul Jackson
Gnr Idwal Evans
Gnr Kerry Venn
Sgt Thomas Crump
Gnr Joseph Brookes
Bom Heinz Pisarek
Sgt John Haughey
Gnr Leonard Godden
Gnr David Farrington
Lt/Col John Stevenson
Gnr Kim Maccunn
Sgt Bernard Fearns
Gnr Richard Dunne
Gnr Cyril Macdonald
Gnr Mark Ashford
Gnr William Miller
Gnr Anthony Abbot
Gnr Maurice Murphy
Gnr Edmund Muller
Gnr George Muncaster
Gnr Paul Sheppard
Gnr Richard Furminger
Gnr Alan Ayrton
Gnr William Beck
Gnr Simon Evans
Gnr Keith Richards
L/Bomb Kevin Waller
Gnr Lyndon Morgan
Gnr Miles Amos
L/Bomb Stephen Cummins
Major Michael Dillion-Lee
L/Bomb Paul Garrett
L/Bomb Stephen Restorick.
Lt. Alan Rutherford Shields.
Airman John Baxter
Airman John Miller
Airman Ian Shinner
Sqn Ldr Michael Haverson
Flt Lt Simon S.M.J. Roberts
Flt Sgt Jan Pewtress
Sgt Dave Rigby.
C/Sergeant William Boardley
Cpl James Burney
Pte Oc Pavey
Pte John B. Bateman
Pte Sean G. Walker
L/Cpl Anthony Dacre
Pte Hatfield
Pte M K Thomas
Pte Dr Milray
WO 2 M C White
Father(Padre) Gerry Weston MBE
Mrs Thelma Bosley
Mrs Joan Lunn
Mrs Margaret Grant
Mrs Jill Mansfield
Mr John Haslar
Miss Cherie Munton
Sergeant Harry D. Dickson
Pte Sidney W. Watt
Pte Kenneth Hill
Cpl James A. Frazer
L/Cpl Joe Reid
L/Cpl D. John Bell
C/Sergeant Joe Nesbitt
Pte Joseph A Mccullough
Cpl Robert W. Mcconnelll
L/Cpl Jean Leggett
Lt Joe Wilson
Pte Margaret A. Hearst
Captain Charlie Henning
L/Cpl Thomas J Armstrong
Pte James Porter
Pte James H. Hewitt
L/Cpl Freddie A. Williamson
Sgt Thomas G. Cochrane
Cpl Charlie H. Spence
Cpl Austin Smith
Major Charlie Armstrong
Pte Stephen Mckinney
L/Cpl Davy Halligan
Pte Paul D Sutcliffe
Pte Roger J. Love
Pte Paul R. Blakely
Pte Sidney Hamilton
L/Cpl Robert W. Crozier
L/Cpl Joe Jardine
Cpl Jim D. Elliott, C/
Sgt John Ruddy
Pte John Mccready
Cpl Cecil Grills
Pte Jim Cochrane
Pte Richard Smith
Pte Ricky Wilson
Pte Colin H. Quinn
Major W.E. Ivan Toombs
L/Cpl Richard W.J. Mckee
Captain Gordon Hanna
Cpl D. Brian Brown
Pte Robert W Hall
Cpl Alan. T. Johnston
Pte W. John Moreland
Pte Michael D. Adams
L/Cpl J (Brad) Bradley
Pte John Birch
Pte Steven Smart
Pte Frank Veitch
Pte Johnny Fletcher
L/Cpl W. Harry Creighton
Pte Jimmy. E. Eames
L/Cpl Alfie Johnson
Pte Tommy. R. Bullock
Pte J. Robin Bell
Pte Matt Lilly
Pte Alan .R. Ferguson
Cpl Herbie. G. Kernaghan
Cpl Aubrey Abercrombie
Pte W. Ritchie Latimer
Pte Norman. H. Donaldson
L/Cpl Ronnie Graham
Pte Cecil Graham
Cpl Albert Beacom
Pte Jimmy Graham. Bem
Pte John. F. Early
Cpl Jimmy Oldham
Cpl Willie Burleigh
Pte Thomas Callaghan
Captain Marcus Mccausland
Pte Samuel Porter
Pte George E. Hamilton
Captain James Hood
Sgt David C.Deacon
Cpl John Conley
Pte Robert Stott
Pte John Arrell
Pte Jack Mccutcheon, S/
Sgt Bobby H.lennox
Pte Robert J.Scott
Captain W. Ronnie Bond
L/Cpl Jimmy Speers
L/Cpl Winston C. McCaughey
Major J. Peter Hill
Pte David Mcquillan
L/Cpl Gerald C. Cloete
Lt Walter Kerr
Cpl William J. Gordon
L/Cpl Samuel D. Montgomery
Pte T. Alan Ritchie
Pte Allen Clarke
L/Cpl Bernie V. Mckeown
Sgt Bobby F. Boyd
Sgt Tommy A. Jamison
Pte Mickey Boxall
Pte Winston Donnell
Sgt Kenneth Smyth
Pte Ted Megahey
Pte William J. Bogle
Pte Robert N. Jameson
Pte Eva Martin
Cpl W. Derek Kidd
Cpl William J. Mckee
Pte John Graham
Pte John A. Hannigan
Pte James A. Robinson
Pte Willie J. Clarke
L/Cpl Johnny McKeegan
Lt J. Leslie Hamilton
Pte H. A. (Lexi) Cummings
Pte Ronnie Alexander
Pte Ossie Neely
Pte John Roxborough
Cpl Thomas Harron
Cpl Ronnie D. Findlay
Pte Greg Elliott
L/Cpl Thomas A. Loughlin
C/Sgt Ivan E. Hillen
Cpl Heather C. J. Kerrigan
Pte Norman J. Mckinley
Pte W. Victor Foster
Pte Thomas J. Irwin
Pte William C. Pollock
Capt Ivan R.K.Anderson
L/Cpl Michael Darcy
Pte Olven L. Kilpatrick
Pte Sean Russell
Pte John D. Smith
Pte John B.Houston
Pte Peter McClelland
Pte W. Dennis Wilson
L/Cpl Henry Gillespie
Pte Fred D. Greeves
Cpl Franklin Caddoo
Captain Cormac Mccabe
Cpl Roy T. Moffett
WO2 David Sinnamon
Pte Edmund R. L. Stewart
L/Cpl Stanley D. Adams
Pte John Reid
Cpl Davy Graham
Captain W. Eric Shields
2nd/Lt Robin Smyrl
Pte Bob J. Bloomer
Sgt Jock B Eaglesham (Mid)
Pte G. Sammy Gibson
Cpl Fred H. Irwin
Pte W. Jack Donnelly
L/Cpl Cecil W. McNeill
Pte Andy F. Stinson
Pte Cyrus Campbell
Pte N. Jimmy Johnston
Pte Robert Bennett
Pte Trevor W. Harkness
Pte Martin A. J. Blaney
Major George Shaw
Pte Willie T. Graham
Pte John Stewart
Pte Ned Gibson
Pte Raymond A. McNicol
Pte John Hardy
WO2 Albert D Cooper
Sgt Maynard Crawford
Cpl Roy Stanton
Pte Henry J. Russell
Cpl David W. Bingham
Pte Thomas J.Forsythe
Pte Linden C.Houston
Pte Sean Russell
Pte Steven Carleton
Pte Samuel Trainor
Pte Robert McComb
Pte Terence Maguire
Pte William L. Kenny
Cpl John Geddis
L/Cpl Gerald W. D. Tucker
Cpl James McFall
Cpl Hugh A. Rogers
Sgt Robert L. Batchelor
Pte Alexander Gore
Pte Mark A. Stockman
Sgt Ricky Connelly
L/Cpl Victor Smyth
2nd/Lt R. Irwin Long
Sgt Alfie D0yle
Pte George Lutton
Pte Robert J. McNally
Pte S. David Montgomery
Pte David Chambers
Pte Willie R. Megrath
Pte Colin J. McCullough
L/Cpl Kenny A. Newell
Sgt Denis Taggart
Pte Joe Mcillwaine
Pte G. John Tracey
Pte Steven W Megrath
Pte Frederick Starrett
Pte James Cummings
L/Cpl Roy W Butler
Pte Brian M Lawrence
Captain Tim D Armstrong
Pte Steven W.Megrath
Captain Ivan R. K. Anderson
Mr Isaac Scott
Mr Ivan Vennard
Mr George Saunderson
Mr Brian Shaw
Mr George Mccall
Mr Nicolas White
Mr Sidney Mcavoy
Mr John Freeburn
Mr John Lee
Mr James Green
Mr Gilbert Johnston
Mr Michael Riley
Mr Jack Mcclenaghan
Mr David Stanley Wray
Mr George Hawthorne
Mr James Fowler
Mr Clifford Lundy
Mr Henry Livingstone
Mr Victor Morrow
Mr William Elliot
Mr John Robinson
Mr Pte John Proctor
Mr Charles Neville
Mr James Mcclintock
Mr Norman Hanna
Mr Thomas Cunningham
Mr Wilfred Mcilveen
Mr Charles Crothers
Mr James Gibson
Mr John Truckle
Mr Ronald Funston
Mr Hugh Gallagher
Mr Melvin Simpson
Mr Douglas Mcelhinney
Mr Herbet Mcconville
Mr H Henry
Mr Charles Watson
Mr Nathaniel Cush
Mr Winston G Finlay
Mr Robert J Glover
Mr David Pollock
Mr Hubert Gilmore
Mr Eric Boyd
Mr Ronald Finlay
Mr David Martin
Mr John Lyness
Mr John Alexander Burns
Mr Alan Smyth
Mr Eric Smyth
Mr David Caldwell
Mr Daniel J Mc Cormick
Mr William Hutchinson
Mr Kenneth Worton
Mr Norman Campbell
Mr Robert Harrison
Mr Robert Lochart
Mr David Alan Dunne
Mr John Eagleson
Mr Ronald Irwin
Mr Snowden Corkey
Mr David Peter Topping
Mr Geoffrey Campbell
Mr John Griffiths
Mr David Sterritt
Mr Norman Kendall
Mr Leslie Dallas
Mr Hassard
Sgt Robert Irvine
L/Cpl Ian Warnock
Pte Stephen Waller
L/Cpl Mervyn Johnston
Pte Chris Wren
Pte Reggie Mccollum
Cpl Trelford T. Withers.
WO2 Hugh Mcginn
Sgt Trevor A. Elliot
Cpl Trevor May.
Ranger Samuel M. Gibson.
Ranger William J. Best
Ranger Cyril J. Smith Qgm
Ranger C G Mc Loughlin
Ranger H Thompson
Cpl Dean Pavey, Band
Cpl Trevor Davis, Band
Cpl Dave Mcmillan
Musician Richard Fice
Musician Bob Simmonds
Musician Mick Ball
Musician Richard Jones
Musician Tim Reeves
Musician Mark Petch
Musician Andy Cleatheroe
Musician Christopher Nolan.
Lord Louis Mountbatten
Marine L Allen
Marine Anthony David
Marine John Shaw
Marine Andrew Gibbons
Marine Graham Cox
Marine John Macklin
Cpl Robert Miller
Marine Gary Wheddon
Marine Adam Gilbert
Cpl Dennis Leach
Marine Michael Southern
Marine Neil Bewley
Sgt William Corbett
Pte Roderick J D W C Bannon
Pte David Ferguson
Pte John Pearson
Pte A Bruce
Pte P J Mckenna
L/Cpl Lawrence Dickson.
Fus John Boreland McCaig
Fus Joseph McCaig
Fus Dougald Purdon McCaughey
L/Cpl David Hind
Cpl Robert M.Thompson
Fus SG. Wells
L/Cpl Peter Deacon Sime
L/Cpl Barry Gold, C/
Sgt Henry Stewart Middlemass
S/Sgt H. Shingleston Mm
Pte P. B. Scott
Pte James Houston
L/Cpl Michael John Paterson
L/Cpl Edwin Charnley
Pte Mark D. Carnie.
Pte James Hesketh
Pte Alan John Mcmillan
L/Cpl D. Lang
L/Cpl D.a. Wares
Lt/Col David Blair
L/Cpl Victor Macleod
Cpl R.d. Turner
Highlander S. Harrington
WO2 Arthur Mcmillan
Sgt Ian Mark Mutch
L/Cpl Colin Leslie
L/Cpl A.c. Harper
Pte Michael George Marr
L/Cpl Jack Marshall
L/Cpl William McIntyre
L/Cpl Duncan Mcphee
Pte Douglas Richmond
2nd Lt Stewart Gardiner
Pte D. Harper
Capt William Watson, C/
Sgt James Struthers
Pte J. Mcgarry
Pte D. Mckelvie
Cpl Owen Mcquade
Cpl S. Marshall
Pte W. Brown
Pte S. Craw
Sgt S C Reid
L/Cpl D Moon
Cfn Brian Hope
L/Cpl Colin Harker
Sgt M E Seldon
Cfn Colin Mcinnes
Sgt Michael Burbridge
Wo1 (Asm) James Bradwell
Pte Terence M. Adam
Pte Paul Joseph Delaney
Pte Richard R. Biddle
Pte Geoffrey Davis
Sgt Peter Girvan, L
Cpl Barry Michael Hylton
Pte Roger John Kealey
Pte John Mayer
Cpl Joseph Leahy, S/
Sgt Barrington Foster
Pte Michael Swanick
Pte Brian Allen
Pte John Randall
L/Cpl Kevin Pullin
Major Richard Allen
Captain Nigel Sutton
L/Cpl John Warnock
Trooper James Nowosad
Cpl Steven Smith
L/Cpl John Hillman
L/Cpl Alan Giles
Pte Brian Soden
Pte David Meek
Pte John Williams
Wo1(Rsm) Mike Heakin
Pte William Davis
Cpl Gerald Bristow
Fusilier Kerry Mccarthy
Cpl David Smith
Cpl Alan Coughlan
Fusilier Andrew Crocker
Lieutenant Steven Kirby
Pte Martin Robinson
Pte Martin Jessop
Cpl Leon Bush
Cpl Stephen McGonigle
Pte David Michael Champ
Cpl Stephen Kent
Cpl Gary Kirby. W/
Pte Ann Hamilton, W/
Pte Caroline Slater
L/Cpl Roberta Thain
Cpl Of Horse Barry Cox
Trooper Anthony Dykes
Trooper Anthony Thornett
Sqmc Roy Bright
Lt Denis Daly
Trooper Simon Tipper
L/Cpl Jeffery Young
Cpl Of Horse Leonard Duber
Captain Robert Nairac G.C
Guardsman Graham Duggan
Guardsman Kevin Johnson
Guardsman Glen Ling
Captain Herbert Westmacott
Guardsman Daniel Blinco
Sgt Anthony Metcalf
Guardsman Robert Pearson
Guardsman Michael Shaw
L/Cpl Simon Ware
Guardsman Michael Doyle
Guardsman Anton Brown
Captain Anthony Pollen
Guardsman Brian Hall
Guardsman George Hamilton
Guardsman Norman Booth
Guardsman Stephen Mcguire
Guardsman Paul Nichols
Guardsman John Van-Beck
Guardsman George Lockhart
L/Sgt Thomas Mckay
Guardsman Alan Daughtery
Guardsman William Forsyth
Guardsman John Hunter
L/Cpl Alan Swift
L/Sgt Graham Stewart
Guardsman Damian Shackleton
Guardsman Samuel Murphy
Sgt Philip Price
Guardsman David Robertson
Guardsman Paul Fryer
Pte Steven Smith
Pte Neil Williams
Pte Anthony Williamson
L/Cpl David Wilson-Stitt
L/Cpl Steven Bagshaw
L/Cpl Clinton Collins
L/Cpl Philip Mcdonough
Pte David Murrey
Pte George Lee
Cpl Terrence Graham
Pte James Lee
2nd Lt Howard Fawley
Cpl Michael Ryan
Pte Errol Pryce
Pte Charles Stentiford
Pte David Champ
Sgt Ian Harris
Cpl Steven Windsor
Cpl Gerald Jeffery
L/Cpl Stephen Taverner
Rfn David Walker
Rfn Joseph Hill
Major Robin Alers-Hankey
Rfn John Taylor
Rfn James Meredith
L/Cpl David Card
Cpl Ian Morrill
Rfn David Griffiths
Rfn Raymond Joesbury
Rfn Michael Gibson
Cpl William Smith
Lt/Col Ian Corden-Lloyd
Rfn Nicholas Smith
Rfn Christopher Watson
Rfn Michael Bagshaw
Rfn Andrew Gavin
Rfn John King
L/Cpl Grenville Winstone
L/Cpl Gavin Dean
Rfn Daniel Holland
Rfn Nicholas Malakos
L/Cpl Thomas Hewitt
Rfn Anthony Rapley
WO2 Graham Barker.
Rfn David Mulley
L/Cpl Edward Jedruch.
Maj Tony Hornby MBE
Pte Michael Murtagh
Pte Edwin Weston
Pte Stephen Keating
Pte Gary Barlow
Pte John Green
Pte Iain O’Conner
Pte Joseph Leach,
Lance Cpl Riddell
Pte Robert John Brimblecombe
Pte Paul Carter
Pte Robert Benner
Pte Richard Sinclair
Pte Stanley Evans
Pte Peter Woolmore
Pte Alan Stock
Pte Neil Clarke
Cpl Alexander Bannister
Sgt Charles Chapman
Pte Philip Drake
Pte Sohan Virdee
Cpl Derek Hayes
Trooper Ian Caie
Pte Anthony Aspinwall
Pte Keith Bryan
Cpl Ian Bramley
Pte Geoffrey Breakwell
Pte Christopher Patrick
L/Cpl A P. Bennett
Cpl Alan Buckley
Pte Eustace Hanley
Pte Marcel Doglay
Pte James Jones
Pte Brian Thomas
Pte Rennie Layfield
Pte Roy Christopher
Pte Christopher Shanley
L/Cpl Stephen Rumble
L/Cpl Andrew Webster
Pte Stephen Beacham
L/Cpl Stephen Burrows
Pte Vincent Scott
Pte David Sweeney
Pte Paul Worrall
Pte Roger Wilkinson
L/Cpl Ian Curtis
2/Lt Nicholas Hull
Pte John Ballard
Cpl Kenneth Mogg
L/Cpl Martin Rooney
L/Cpl John Boddy
Cpl John Barry
Pte Ian Burt
Pte Robert Mason
Pte Anthony Goodfellow
Pte Paul Wright
Pte Anthony Anderson
Pte Martin Pattern
Major Andrew French
Pte Mitchell Bertram
Pte Carl Davis
Pte Nicholas Peacock
Pte Michael Prime
L/Cpl Andrew Edward Snell
Cpl Ian Armstrong
2nd Lt Robert Williams-Wynn
Cpl Michael Cotton
Cpl Michael Herbert
Sgt William Robson
S/Sgt Charles Simpson
Cpl David Powell
2/Lt Andrew Somerville
Cpl Terence Williams
Trooper John Gibbons
Trooper Kenealy. S/
Sgt Arthur Place
Pte David Wray
Major John Barr
Pte Malcolm
Pte John Robinson
Pte George Crozier
L/Cpl Peter Herrington
Pte Peter Sharp
Pte Raymond Hall
Pte Frederick Dickson
Major Peter Willis
Cpl Ian Metcalf
L/Cpl David Wilson
Cpl Paul Harman
WO2 David Bellamy
Cpl Gary Llewellyn Fenton. S/
Sgt John Morrell
2nd Lt Michael Simpson
Pte Christopher Shenton
L/Cpl Stephen Anderson
Pte Colin Clifford
Pte Alan Watkins
Pte John King
Cpl John Leahy, Drummer Frank Fallows
Sgt Michael Patrick Unsworth
Sgt Frederick William Drake
Gunner Timothy Utteridge
Trooper Geoffrey Knife
Constable Stephen Paul Carroll
Constable Ronan Kerr
Senior Officer William McCully
Officer Pachelli Dillon, Mr John D. Cummings
Officer Robert John Hamilton
Principal Officer John Wesley Milliken
Officer Thomas Graham Fenton
Principal Officer Desmond Ernest Irvine
Officer Michael Christopher Cassidy
Officer Agnes Jean Wallace
Officer George Foster
Assistant Governor Edward Donald Jones Bem
Officer Thomas Gilhooley
Officer David Teeney
Officer Gerald Francis Melville
Chief Officer William Wright
Officer Elizabeth Matilda Chambers
Officer James Andrew Ferris
Governor William McConnell
Principal Officer Patrick Thomas Kerr Bem.
Mr Leslie Jarvis
Officer Brian Samuel Armour
Hospital Officer John Griffiths
Officer James Alexander Peacock
Governor Albert Miles
Officer John Murdie McTier
Principal Officer Patrick Mackin
Mrs Violet Mackin
Senior Officer William Wilson
Officer Graham Cox
Officer William Cecil Burns
Constable Stephen Paul Carroll
Constable Ronan Kerr

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