Protests and Static Assemblies

Some people believe, incorrectly in my opinion, that it is against the law to call for a protest. I believe that to be incorrect but I wish to confirm my thoughts.

Because some of the protests resulted in violence does not mean that we should all be afraid to protest or call for a protest… it is a fundamental human right which is enshrined in the Human Rights Act.

But what I would say is that it is time to shift direction away form the many small protests to forming a political pressure group that is aligned to NO party. (Similar to the tea party which made a huge difference in the USA elections two years ago….. so much so that the American left wing spent millions trying to discredit it.)

The public of Northern Ireland need a group to target politicians and ensure that the people who are standing for the elections represent them, as well as others.

N.I. Tea Party?

A group that represents the fundamentals of why a person should be elected…. and publicly support, or call out, that candidate before they get elected.

Perhaps this group could even encourage their local politicians to sign a pledge before they get the group’s support.

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