PSNI Good or Bad

It is a known fact that in any body of people that you will find some bad apples. That applies to the PSNI, The Army, The Air Force, The Salvation Army… any body of people.

Some studies put a figure on the problem or a percentage…. but it doesn’t matter. The PSNI are highly trained body of people and ‘follow orders’ sometimes those orders are ridiculous and sometimes they are dangerous and sometimes they are correct.

The individual PSNI officer is a human being and can make mistakes without that mistake being ‘evil’ It can be a mistake made in a moment of stress. That does not tar the whole of the PSNI.

It is very wrong to target the whole of the PSNI with the decisions of the Commanders (or the politicians for that matter) The PSNI are a body of people who ‘must’ follow orders…. if they do not follow orders then our whole way of life would collapse.

There is a very simple rule when dealing with the police. “Do as they say.” Even is you think what they say or order is bad, ridiculous or wrong. You follow that instruction… then you take action afterwards.

What action do you take?

If it is an individual police officer – take to take his number. If you cannot do that log the time and the place. The officer will be identified at a later date.

You complain in writing. Sounds silly doesn’t it but it is not. Every single written complaint ‘has’ to be dealt with and answered and if not answered properly can be referred to the Police Ombudsman, who is not a friend of the PSNI by any means. Again, if it is an individual officer, the complaint stays on his record and if the complaints mount then the PSNI will take action.

BUT DO NOT complain if you are ‘just angry’ you can damage the career of a good office with a nonsense complaint.

What if it is senior officer or a command decision?

Then you complain to the Chief Constable, The Police Ombudsman and your politicians and the complaint will get heard.

If you throw stones, break the law, disobey a police order etc, then you become the bad guy and you will have no support and no one will back you….

No doubt some people will post here that they made a complaint and nothing was done or the wrong decision was made…. so what? Do you throw stones, do you break the law to get revenge? No, you keep pushing and pushing your complaint peaceful.

Once you break the law you have lost.

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