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“The commander of a policewoman killed when her patrol car was struck by a stolen 4×4 said he and fellow officers were devastated at the loss of a colleague they all loved.

Pc Philippa Reynolds, 27, from the Greater Belfast area, died when the unmarked car she was travelling in turned into the path of the speeding 4×4, which had just run a red light, in Londonderry at around 3.40am on Saturday.

Her commander in Derry, Chief Superintendent Stephen Cargin, paid tribute to her. He said: “She was enthusiastic, bubbly and had a beautiful personality. She was just loved by her colleagues and she turned that love to the community she served.”

In a joint statement, the First and Deputy First Minters said: “This is devastating news and we want to extend our heartfelt sympathies to the Police Officer’s family, friends and colleagues.

“We wish her two police officer colleagues a speedy and full recovery.

“Officers in the PSNI put their lives at risk on a daily basis to serve and protect our community and we are all truly grateful for their dedicated service.

“Those who commit a crime such as vehicle theft must realise their actions can have serious consequences. We urge anyone with information to go to the police.”

UPDATE – 6 years jail time for manslaughter… click hereclick here

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