Seriously? Could it happen?

Is it possible…. if she can do this and get a deal that can be signed off by the DUP, The ERG Group and the Conservative Party she would certainly fit into the ‘hero’ mould… and she might just make the Conservative Party electable again….

Deal or No Deal

She is going to have a ‘Deal Vote’…if that fails she will have a ‘No Deal Vote’…and if that fails she will have a ‘Postponement Vote’
If the Deal Vote contains legal guarantees about Northern Ireland… it could pass….

The ‘No Deal’ vote will never pass… Theresa May and all the rest of the Anti-Democrats have scared themselves and the public too much and have predicted all sorts of doom and gloom lies… so they will not vote for a No Deal exit.


All this plays right into the hands of there EU…. all they have to do is keep saying NO and offer May nothing…

Margaret Thatcher was right… the EU is like a pit of quicksand and we should never have stepped into it… although, if you remember…we, the people, never had a say in the matter… the Labour Government just joined without asking he people.

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