Sh sh sh shit talkin’

Brexit is not the problem…. mouths that are constantly open to spout faeces are.   Brexit should be a great opportunity to make the UK an even greater, stronger and more prosperous country…  

Woe is me…..

…but these mouths and the things they say are almost certain to cause the UK’s economy to take a hit. They have scared the British population and the countries of Europe so much that it is almost certain that the UK will take a hit when Brexit happens.  

…this should be NOT have been the case!  

Woe is me…..

Our Prime Minister should be the one talking up this country and talking up our strengths form DAY ONE.   Instead, she is like an old fishwife sitting on the sidelines telling people that all is doom if you don’t support my traitorous plan and the media lap up this bile in spades.  

The leader of the opposition used to be the ‘loyal’ opposition. A role that would be political but loyal to the people. This man has turned it into a vicious antisemitic, anti-British anti-decency mob.  

Woe is me…..

Sadly: This could have all been avoided had we had a real Conservative Party who were the servants of the people and not their masters.   The terminal losers of this whole debacle will be the Conservative Party and the British people.  

Woe is me…..

The British people will battle through this but the Conservative Party will suffer greatly and may just allow ‘fanatics’ into government.

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