Stereo Typing and Scalping

soccer_tournament_celebrates_sunni_and_shia_unity_in_yethrib_dvids101109NDBC hosted an International Taste Fest to promote Community Relations.

People, of different nationalities, would bring in samples of their food and whilst people tasted the food the people would discuss the aspect of Community relations it their country.

Two girls were there. One was from Iran (A Sunni muslim) and the other from Iraq (a Shia muslim) They were best friends and had been bridesmaids at each other’s weddings.

On describing their friendship to another Councillor I made the point about how they could get along together being from different religious disciplines especially as the two disciplines were antagonist towards each other.

The councillor seem to take this all in and leaned over to me quietly and asked…. are they Protestants or Catholics?

True story. The Councillor will not be named. hosted a reception in Council for some native American Indians. They dressed in their native costumes and were superb people. I had a great time.

I was talking to the Chief, who was dressed in full feathers and garb and another Councillor came up beside me and said: “How.” and pointing to the man’s wife said “Is this your squaw?”

Saying ‘How’ to an American Indian is bad enough but calling a native American Indian’s wife a squaw is like calling her a prostitute and the Chief’s face went purple.

I had to do some quick talking to stop the whole thing from turning into a debacle….. apologising for ‘our’ lack of knowledge and excusing etc etc etc.

As a side note. The Chief owed a software company as was a multi millionaire. Talk about stereo typing!

3 thoughts on “Stereo Typing and Scalping”

  1. austenlennon says:

    I’m big on irony. 🙂

  2. Robert says:

    Pardon me for asking, but is the term “scalping” not stereo typing when you are talking above native Americans? It was initially a practice by the white man to prove to the authorities as to how many “redmen” he had killed, giving him a bounty for each. Most people do not realise that Hollywood had yet again changed history for the sake of movies. Having travelled extensively in USA and Canada and having many native friends from a large number of first nation/native tribes I can see why you were so aghast at how some people are narrow minded in the extreme here in Northern Ireland, but you might want to change your title above…..Aho

  3. Allen says:

    Oh dear,oh dear,oh dear – at least there was no singing of songs with ever so slightly dodgy content!

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