Stinking, Rotten Policing…

What a stinking, rotten job the police have. Scraping up the human scum from our streets and having to release them to foul up our street gain after only a few hours, defending ungrateful people from harm and robbery and having to tolerate morons as their leaders.

Then, on top of that, they are required to silence people’s voices.

Yes, there is an uncomfortable number of police officers who enjoy doing this but the vast majority must be sickened by the way they are forced into these positions and must wonder what the hell their senior police officers are doing? (The senior police officers are more politicians than police officers these days.)

For decades we have had no real political leadership in the UK. We have had leadership which led by reading The Sun or The Daily Mirror and then rushing to appease the media with new laws. Laws that dump more and more crap on the heads of the ordinary police man and woman.

Yes, I have lost confidence in the police, but not the ordinary, hard working, risk taking, dedicated policemen and women who keep us safe and protect this country from anarchy.

The big problem we had and still do have is that we elect people called ‘Conservatives’ to run this country every now and then, after the Labour Party almost destroys it, and we expect them to be real conservatives…. instead we get dish water, soft soap, power hungry elites who have no interest in the British people and are only interested in power.

.. and they are the ones that make the laws…. time for a massive change.

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