Stinky Double Standards

Bangor Town Centre – Remember I placed a Notice of Motion in front of the Council about 5 or 6 months ago asking for a Town Centre Team to be established? Well at that time they voted against it, almost unanimously. “Too many committees” “committee fatigue” “too many talking shops” “we have a committee in place” etc etc etc.

Guess what? A different Councillor proposed the same thing tonight (but with a different name) and it was passed almost unanimously.

Unfortunately I used the word ‘bloody’ in my response. because I was angry that they wasted 6 months….. but it is a bloody disgrace…. especially after I offered the proposal to a Councillor, 6 months ago, for him to propose and I would stay out of it in case my name tainted the proposal…. he refused.

But guess what? Tonight he voted for it.

I am very happy that it is place but the stench of hypocrisy is almost unbearable.

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