Noun: Adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty.

Shortly after my first election victory in 1993 I received a telephone call for an elderly person who told me that she was having difficulty paying her bills and, at times, all she would have in the cupboard was a jar of marmalade.

She asked if I would call and if I could help her.The following day I called to her house and she had all her bank statements spread out over the dining room table and asked me to look at them.

I felt a bit uncomfortable looking at her private bank statements, as she was a complete stranger to me, and I advised her that the Citizen’s Advice Centre were the people with the knowledge to give her the right advice.

The lady looked straight at me and said; “But I voted for you and I don’t know them”.

It brought home to me that people keep voting and keep hoping that they won’t be let down by the people they elect and that some put a lot of faith and a lot of trust into that vote and very often they are let down.

But not by me.gport

Chasing Publicity

I could not stand beside a pot hole or a street lamp just to get my photograph in the paper for publicity.

That is false and smacks too much of ambulance chasing.

I get my fair share of publicity and that is usually by supporting people and fighting their causes.

Get the pothole fixed!

The Party System

There seems to be some sort of mystical absolution for people in Political Parties.

They can vote against issues that they support and speak passionately about something with which they disagree.

I have seen Party Politicians turn their backs on people who need help because it might embarrass the Party.

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