The End of the UK Conservative Party

As an ardent conservative…

…I believe that the Conservative Party have made such a mess of Brexit that their incompetence has demoralised a large group of soft conservatives who would vote for them… begrudgingly.

These people will just shrug their shoulders at the next election and say to themselves… “Why should I bother?”

If she loses the vote… the economy will hit an instant blip… and weak-willed Conservative people will start to panic and blame the Conservative Party for the blip. (It might even be more of a blip as there are powerful people who would damage this countries economy to affect the BREXIT decision.)

The Conservative Party have also shown that they are not to be trusted and many people will be looking for an alternative… and if UKIP (or another more valid alternative party come to the fore.) many people will move in that direction… and the Conservatives will lose supporters.

Most importantly: Theresa May has made BREXIT a negative in the eyes of the British people… she has done everything she could to make it a problem… she has not been tough… she has not been positive and she has not been honest and that makes ‘any’ results that comes about as a negative for the future.

Imagine the next election…. and how the opposition parties will campaign against the Conservatives… Labour, for once, have played a clever game as no one really knows what side they are on and they will have so much ammunition against the Conservative Party that it would take a miracle for them to win…

…add to that the fact that the vast majority of new voters who are pouring into our country (and have poured in over the decades) normally vote for leftists parties and that is a very toxic mix for conservatives.

If Theresa May wins the vote… Real conservative voters will be utterly demoralised and no amount of fear-mongering over the horror that is Jeremy Corbyn will enthuse them to come to the polls.

It MUST be remembered that the Conservative Party won by the slimmest of majorities at the last election… and, since then, they have done virtually everything wrong… politically. People can see that and that does not inspire confidence.

The ‘only’ sliver of hope the Conservative Party have is to smash Theresa May’s surrender document, dump her immediately, elect a very strong and powerful leader that will start to sell the true benefits of BREXIT to the British people and remind the British people just how powerful and strong they are and bring confidence back to the will of the British and stand up to the EU leftists.

…but will they. I doubt it.

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