The Infected Conservatives

I sincerely hope that once we leave the EU there will be some deep soul searching by the Conservative Party and the conservative supporters.

I don’t think that there is one person in the UK that thinks that the Brexit issue has been handled in a competent way. The vast majority of people probably believe that Homer Simpson would have handled the process better than the Conservatives.

The finger pointing public will blame the Conservative Party, and rightly so, but pointing the finger of blame at the Conservative Party is not going to address the foundational issue that has caused this embarrassing debacle.

No, Brexit is not the cause. No, the Conservative Party is not the cause. No, Theresa May is not the cause. The cause is much deeper than that.

The cause of our problems are a group of people who call themselves conservatives but have very little idea about what being a conservative is all about. The current crop of Conservative leaders believe that conservatism is self perpetuating and is so obvious in the benefits it brings that it doesn’t need to be explained or sold to the people of the UK.

Jacob Rees-Mogg commented the other day, that his conservative constituents were not ideologues but people who do good work in the community and want to help in their community. (I am paraphrasing as I don’t have the exact quote to hand.) All well and good but…

Jacob was defending his constituents but at the same time he was inadvertently exposing the real problem with the UK today and with the Conservative Party. The lack of knowledge, understanding and belief in conservatism.

Our Conservative Party leaders, and their constituency parties, have been infected by the disease of liberalism and are too terrified to stand up and sell or defend conservatism. As soon as they are asked about being a conservative they state all the liberal things that they support. Why? Why defend conservatism by telling people how liberal you are?

Jacob Rees-Mogg is right that the UK doesn’t want a mob of blindly partisan advocates or fanatical adherents of a particular ideology inhabiting each constituency. (An ideologue.) but when we look at the current crop of Conservative MPs we see that almost three quarters of them are more liberal than the Liberal Party and clearly care nothing for democracy or freedom.

Why is that then?

That question is easily answered: It is because conservatism is not sold, taught, looked for or adhered to by the constituency parties when they choose their candidates. Which means that the candidates end up not being founded in the true benefits of conservatism and we then get MPs like Anna Soubery and her ilk.

Yeah, the odd time we hear Theresa May, or some other Conservative MP will stand up in parliament and say how great conservatism is but no one is listening to parliament and the media will only run negative statements about conservatism.

That’s why the Conservative Party had better get their act together and start to push the reason for for conservatism to their base and the public and start to talk, sell and demand conservative values at ever opportunity. They also need to explain why conservatism is freedom, wealth and democracy… for everyone.

If it is not too late…. if it’s not too late.

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