The Irish Language Act

This is the school that I went to as a child… there were times that I had to run to school to avoid getting attacked by French Canadian kids….

I was going to this school when our house was targeted with a ‘petrol bomb’ by the French Canadians and I went to this school after I saw the French police chief destroy the evidence that would have caught the bombers.

What has this got to do with the Irish Language Act?

When I attended this school it was named after a War hero called Vivian Graham…. now that the French Canadians have forced the Canadians to adopt a language act… it is called: ├ęcole primaire Virginie-Roy…

… so what?

The flag flying high in this image is the flag of the French province of Quebec and not the national flag……. the language that is spoken in this school… is French, french and more french….

In Montreal the main language is French and many french Canadians will ignore you if you speak English. The politics are so divisive that it is rare to have an English speaking politician elected to office.

In Montreal Council there are 65 Councillors. Less than 8 are English Canadians.

The French Canadians used the excuse of a Language Act to remove Canada and the English language from almost everything that is in their ‘area’… that is the aim of Sinn Fein.

Divide and conquer.

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