The Lies About Trump’s Lawsuits

Trump’s business is currently fighting 35 law suits…. (not 75 has the Left wing media states) remember he has 34,000 employees…

Suing  is the American way…

“There is a man in California who is currently taking McDonalds to court because they only gave him one napkin with his meal. So he expected more than one napkin, and so he involved his lawyer.

They’re suing McDonalds for 1.5 million dollars. The man genuinely claims to have been traumatised by the experience, and it’s preventing him from being able to work.

The man is also claiming racism, that he was only given a single napkin because he’s black. He’s also claiming the store manager racially abused him when he requested more napkins.”

I wonder how many of Trump’s lawsuits are like this?

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