The People’s Choice

The best thing to do is:

DO NOT lose hope.
DO NOT despair.
DO NOT give up.

DO NOT use violence… that punishes the wrong people and rewards the wrong people and has the opposite effect to the desired outcome. Democracy is always the best way.

Protest, post, talk and argue…. and make sure you remember who needs to be punished for defying the British people…. and UNITE against them… and VOTE in a united way to make sure they NEVER see power again.

That means setting aside personal likes and dislikes and voting for the party that will fight the treacherous politicians and that means making sure that we NEVER allow the Conservative Party to hold absolute power again.

If they wish to govern again then they must always share power with a party that is on the side of the British people. Be that: The Brexit Party, The UKIP party or a separate British Party.

The Conservative Party cannot and will not be trusted again to rule on their own.

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