The Post Modern Family

The Post Modern Family is a YouTube Channel that is hosted by a young family from America and it tells the story of how they experience life in the UK. It is funny, it can be serious and it is always warm of spirit…

…but tonight’s video by The Post Modern Family made me sad. It made me sad because of what we, in the UK, have lost and what we are losing each day.

This young American couple represents all that should be decent and good in the world and yet they are an anathema to our current UK society. Everything that they stand for is under attack and everything that we used to stand for has been eroded to the point of collapse.

Yes, this sounds defeatist and yes it sounds dark… but there is no light at the end of this tunnel. We have allowed the tunnel to be dug too deep over the past 30 years and now it is so deep that even the people who lead us cannot see, or refuse to see, what we have become and worse still, they have no plan for the future.

Phillipe’s comments tonight spelt out many the great things that the UK once offered to the world… and which (I say) we will never be in a position to offer again.

Phillipe cited them as the reason he and his wife, Lillian, wished to live in the UK and yet it is his vision, his belief and his values will eventually drive him and his family back to America.

This is more than sad because we need people like these, with these true beliefs and values as these values are no longer taught to the children in our schools and they are not instilled into them by the parents at home.

Yes, yes, yes… some parent do but the vast majority of parents either don’t care or can’t be bothered with the hassle of family values or the work that that entails and it is the ‘vast majority’ that vote and carry our society on their backs.

My sadness is based on the fact that I know, even before this young family knows, that the constant frustration and experience of the UK’s constant demise and degeneration will drive them back home to the USA… and that will be a sad loss to the UK.

I would like to end of a happy positive note… I would like to say that Brexit will be the cure or that a new Winston Churchill is on the horizon but I can say neither. 

Brexit will only delay the inevitable and there are no miraculous, strong leaders that could turn this country around as a leader can only be as strong as the people of his/her country and this country has neither the will to stand up and fight for the values that it used to hold nor has it the knowledge to know that it needs to stand up and fight.

With-in 50 years the UK will no longer exist and it will be up to the USA to maintain the values of peace, freedom and democracy… I hope they survive the current onslaught of the anti-democratic forces and will be there for the future of humanity.

In the meantime all we, who understand. can do is continue to expose and fight the cancer that is eating at our society.

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