The Slow Death of a Giant

It is hard to describe just how big a laughing stock the UK has become across the world. This once proud, strong country has become a democratic shambles and it has lost all sense of moral and political direction.

In every country on this planet the UK’s turmoil and ineptitude is on the front page of every newspaper and blasting across every TV channel and it is destroying the British people’s reputation across the world.

Oh how our enemies must be rejoicing in this British debacle.

Setting aside Brexit, the finger of blame must point to the Conservative Party. There is no point is accusing the Labour Party as we expect nothing from them and we get nothing from them but the Conservative Party has been asleep at the wheel for decades.

Tonight half of the Conservative Party voted against the people of the UK and that clearly demonstrates the move away from the strong conservative values that made the UK one of the top 7 leading countries of the world.

If a miracle doesn’t take place the Conservative Party will pay a terrible price and so will this country.

There is no point in debating with left wing people, they only care about winning. Right or wrong doesn’t matter to them, law and order doesn’t matter to them and democracy doesn’t matter to them. All that matters is that they get their way.

It is good that he British people see just how many left wing people there are in the Conservative Party and just how inseparable the elites and the left are. Perhaps our country may find a way to rid itself of the ersatz conservatives and reclaim the high ground with the knowledge of their betrayal.

I would be surprised if even a miracle could rescue the Conservative Party but it could rescue democacry.

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