The Steady Decline of Journalism

The ‘once proud’ Belfast Newsletter is the perfect example of a liberal newspaper which has lost all sense of what journalism is about. Ever since they joined the ranks of The Guardian and The Independent they have suffered a serious decline in ‘interest’ and ‘readership’ but even now they are blind to their folly.

No doubt the excuse made by the owners and liberal ‘journalists’ are that the internet is to blame and. as long as they keep believing that, they will keep spiralling down into the pit of extinction.

It is a shame that they cannot see that ‘their brand of truth’ is driving people away from them.

Yes, journalists are supposed to be ethical.

In the 2010 it had an average daily circulation of 23,492 it is now almost half of that at 13,374 and as the British population of Northern Ireland learn more and more about there ‘slanted’ stories which are printed day in and day out that will fall even further.

I doubt that even in their wildest dreams do the ‘journalists’ think that it is their drift from unionism to liberalism that has caused the decline. It is such a shame as people will accept balanced journalism, even if it tells the news that they don’t like, but they see through ‘journalism that tries to guide them like a blind man to a cliff’s edge.

Founded in 1737. I cannot help but think that the founder, Francis Joy, looks down on his creation and feels his bladder fill.

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