Trump Resigns

Yes, after hearing that the N.I. SLDP leader, Colin Eastwood, is boycotting the Whitehouse because Trump was elected.

Trump has stated that it was too much to bear for America and is handing the Oval Office to Boris Johnston.

Image depicts ColumnEastwood the SDLP (Social and Democratic Labour Party) leader carrying the coffin of an INLA terrorist. The INLA slaughtered 120 people in Ireland.

Here are details of those murdered:

46 were members or former members of the British security forces, including: 26 British military personnel and 1 former soldier.

13 Royal Ulster Constabulary officers.

4 former officers 4 Northern Ireland Prison Service officers.

44 civilians – including politicians, alleged informers and alleged criminals.

20 were members or former members of republican paramilitary groups.

8 were members or former members of loyalist paramilitary groups.

2 were members of the Irish security forces.

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