Trumped up Trump

Meek Romney

Meek Romney

I must rant. I am just sick to death of weak willed conservatives who blow in the wind with every trumped up Trump story. It sickens me to see Suso-conservatives spinning around with every liberal newspaper story.

They are worse than liberals because they are so spineless and stupid that they actually believe the disgusting commentary or the MSNBC of FOX NEWS liberals.

Trump is going to be slandered, demeaned, accused, spat upon and lied about from now to November. If those jellyfish conservatives can’t see through the lies and libel then they should just butt out and join the ostriches with their head in the sand.
Grow a pair for goodness sake.

This is the actual future of the free, democratic world that is being decided. This is not just ‘another’ election. This is the big one. So wise up or build a shelter because real conservatives are fighting for your country and if you can take the heat move over and let some real patriots do the job.

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