Using Humans

img_2537It is sad to see people deliberately use immigrants as a weapon in the EU Referendum debate.

The U.K. expects better of their Prime Minister but that is exactly what David Cameron is doing to scare people into voting to remain with the socialists of Europe. He uses immigrants as a weapon.

He spreads the message that immigrants should be in fear of being thrown out of the U.K… He spreads the message that ALL immigration will stop. He spreads the message that our hospitals, care homes and treatment centres will grind to a stop if we leave the European Economic Union.

Each of the messages he puts out about immigration is a bare faced lie.

An independent U.K. will still bring in immigrants and it will encourage immigration from countries that share our values.

An independent UK will most definitely want to keep all the nurses, doctors and trained staff in the hospitals and encourage thousands more to come from around the world.

…and the worst lie of all is his lie about an Independent UK tossing out immigrants. That is a dangerous lie. All immigrants who live here legally and are not terrorists or criminals will stay.

The Polish, Romanians, Italians, Greeks, etc will still come to Brittain in droves and the U.K. will welcome them. The mass hordes of uncontrolled immigrants that are flooding from non European countries will be controlled.

We are NOT LEAVING EUROPE we are leaving a bloated socialist run monster call the European Economic Union which it a fake institution that has lost control.

I am a huge fan of Europe. Especially Italy and Malta… I want the closest possible ties… But I don’t want to be politically or economically tied to any country.

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