Why there must be NO second vote:

There is a very good reason that we must not have a second vote Mary Cernea – we are the bosses…. not the politicians or the media. We gave an order… not a suggestion… to the people who govern ‘for us’…. and that order was ‘leave the EU’

If the people who govern ‘for us’ do not obey our commands… (Note I am saying that it was a command.) …then those people risk the population turning to ‘other means’ to make themselves heard.

Democracy HAS to win and HAS to be obeyed by those who rule ‘for us’.

Millions of people, in the biggest vote in the history of this country voted… a true ‘people’s vote’ …and because some of the media and some of the politicians do not like the orders that their bosses… (that is you and me) gave them, they try to poison the people’s minds with fear and lies.

These ‘rulers’ talk down to the people and tell them that they had their little vote but it meant nothing now be good boys and girls and vote the way we want you to.

Once the people, who would wish to ‘rule us’ and not ‘rule for us’ start to think they can overrun the will of the people you get anarchy and violence and it always, always ends in bloodshed.

Millions of people were angry about the Socialist diktats from the EU. Those who would ‘rule us’ would be well advised to remember that.

I consider myself to be a fairly well balanced and non-violent person who I voted to leave the EU without that anger… but I am angry now and if I am angry now just think how angry the population at large will be if they are ignored.

If people feel they have no say in their future then massive frustrations will start to boil and Enoch Powell’s words will come true.

Can you imagine what would happen to this country if a second vote took place and the government managed to strike so much fear into enough people to overturn the first vote… can you imagine what the angry people who won the first vote would do?

If the people did not turn to violence… they would turn to the extreme political groups who would demand a much harder stance on immigration, immigrants and the EU… and eventually, they would gain power.

That is why the People’s Vote, which took place 2 years ago, MUST be OBEYED by the people who ‘rule for us’.

1 thought on “Why there must be NO second vote:”

  1. Lester Crothers says:

    You seem to forget that there was a substantial (55%) remain vote here in Northern Ireland. At the moment, while we are dragged inexorably towards an unsatisfactory Brexit, we are being represented by DUP spokespersons, who do not represent the majority of citizens here. These are the “extreme political groups” (your words) that you are warning us against, who shout, “No hard border”, but have yet to suggest a workable alternative.

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