Yer all talk Lennon

For 22 years, day in day out, week in week out, I fought against corruption, the Council, the RUC, the PSNI, the Assembly and the pen pushers in government.

It was a constant, stressful and intimidating struggle that I did with zero help. (Apart form the support of my loved ones and, at the rare times, the help of the electorate.)

The politicians who pretended to help were helping no one but themselves and as soon as it suited therm they would stab me in the back… but I knew this already. (Except for one)

Why do I write this because someone suggested that I was ‘all talk’.

The person who said it is a friend and still is a friend and he may have spoken in haste but when people were sitting at home watching the soaps over the years I was standing on my hinds legs fighting for them… all the time!

All talk? Even that can get you in trouble in this new socialist world.

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